World Record Attempt

We’d like to thank everyone that turned up to our first body surfing world record attempt. We had well over 60 people turn up and had great weather and swell for body surfing…even if the water was a tad chilly.

We attempted to get 25+ people body surfing the same wave, for 5 seconds or more.

Sadly, we only managed 14. Whilst around 35 people caught the busiest wave, around 10 held it the whole way to the beach, 4-5 held it for 5 seconds plus and the rest didn’t quite make the 5 seconds.

The attempt, although unsuccessful, has given us the info and experience we need to make a few practical and logistically changes and come back and comfortably break/set the record.

A massive thank you to everyone that took the time to attend. From what I’ve heard everyone had a great time. We’ll also look to add a post-attempt social to the event next year. This was something we had in place for the original date that we cancelled (due to a lack of surf).